Yesterday I went to a presentation by Manfred Steyer at the local .NET Developer User Group in Berlin. Manfred is a good speaker and talked engagingly about MVC 6 and AngularJS 2 over the course of 3 hours.

MVC 6 will be the successor to MVC 5, Web-API 2 and Web Pages. There will breaking changes, since the three predecessors are different. The syntax in MVC 6 will be close to MVC 5. Manfred showed us how to implement a small API with MVC 6, and modular ASP.NET 5 is working. It will be possible to deploy ASP.NET 5 applications to Linux and MacOS operating systems.

AngularJS 2 was to be said to be very different from AngularJS 1.X, but it seems in the end it will not be that different. AngularJS 2 promises better performance, better structure, better confirmability. AngularJS files can be written in TypeScript, which is based on the ECMAScript-6-Standard. I have not written code in TypeScript yet, but it looked promising - the code in the demo project which Manfred showed us was clear and concise.

There will be migration support from AngularJS 1.X to AngularJS 2 (tools, guides). I suppose we might rewrite our time tracking app. AngularJS 2 will probably become widely used.

Both MVC 6 and AngularJS 2 will probably be out of beta in the first half of 2016. Then it will be even more of a pleasure to develop web applications, services and single page applications :).