A week ago I attended the annual Developer Open Space in Leipzig. As usual it was the same cocktail of familiar faces, new stuff and exciting stimuli.

On Friday I attended the AngularJS (1.4.7) workshop. As my Angular skills were a bit rusty it was a good way to refresh my knowledge about the AngularJS concepts and learn a few new techniques. Gregor Woiwode did a good job of teaching us and letting us code.

Saturday and Sunday were organized in open spaces – you can suggest a topic and go to the discussion which interests you most. I attended:

  • Welcome-App: the challenges of making an app for refugees (Android App was developed with Angular and Ionic)
  • Mob programming: under which circumstances there can be benefits when the whole team codes only on one computer (complex tasks, deadlines)
  • Having a nice git history graph: commit often, perfect later, publish once (rebase, amend, squash)
  • Remote working: make small talk in meetings, meet with video, meet and work in one place at least once a year
  • Event sourcing / event store:
    • a look at Greg Youngs event store
    • a different type of database, in contrast to relational databases you store changes to objects, not the objects themselves
    • not working with rows, but with streams
    • accumulate events to represent the current state of an object
  • WebRTC: how it works, how different protocols could communicate with one another
  • Room presence service: how to set up and wire a raspberry pi with LEDs showing in what mood a person is, create app to change status
  • async await in C#
  • knowledge transfer:
    • video lunch: show short educating video during lunch, discuss
    • mob programming
    • pair programming: change driver often (every 10 minutes or so), be sure to make breaks (pomodoro technique)
    • developer days: developers present a topic to the other developers
    • exploration days: experiment with new technologies, create something productive
  • legal issues: what is needed in imprint, privacy protection
  • development tools: I will take look at
  • performance profiling:

It was a nice weekends with interesting conversations.